The best personal finance software to plan your household budget

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Open up your online banking account in your web-browser and select your statement...
... And with just one click, your statement is imported into Boonzi
Boonzi learns with you and automatically classifies your transactions.
Your transactions are analysed and converted into reports that helps you understand where you can save money.
Use the budgeting tools to set goals that will help you increase your savings.

View an instant summary of your financial situation: income, monthly expenses, assets, budgets and the main monthly or annual outgoings.

Manage all your accounts from one place and analyse configurable multi-account reports.

Analyse clear and customisable reports and charts showing your income and expenditures grouped by category.

Know exactly how much money are your payees receiving through customisable charts and reports.

Consult detailed cash flow maps and track how your monthly income and spendings evolve over time.

Import transactions from your bank statements in seconds. Access your online banking accounts and import statements to Boonzi with just two clicks.

Boonzi learns with your imports and saves you work by automatically categorizing your transactions.

Migrate from other personal finance softwares* or spreadsheets, by importing your transactions in CSV format.

Interact with intuitive costumizable statements. Organise your transactions by date, category or payee.

Use the clear-cut instant filters to see only the data you are interested in.

Find transactions, invoices, bills and warranties fast, using the sensitive search tool.

Set up and oversee monthly budgets designed to curb your spendings and boost your savings.

Follow the changes in your financial position over time using the clear charts.

Manage future bills.

Set recurrent reminders and let Boonzi create transactions automatically.

Add notes to your transactions so that you can find them quickly using the sensitive search tool.

Attach files to transactions to make sure your never lose an invoice, a bill, a warranty or a transaction slip again.

Create multi-category transactions to ensure that your reports have the precision you need.

Export reports and transaction lists to CSV and then process them in spreadsheet softwares like Excel.

Export transactions and reports to PDF documents that you can print or email.

If you travel or shop online, you can input transactions in other currencies. Boonzi will make the conversion for you.

In Portuguese and English so you can choose the language that best suits you.

Support for all major currencies.

You can password protect your information, saving it with SHA-256 encryption on your computer.

A Boonzi license can be used by anyone in your family, and on up to three Windows or MacOS computers at the same time.

All updates for the first year are included in the price. Your computer will check and download updates automatically, saving you time and effort.