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Can I use my profile data on another computer?

Yes, to do so you just have to copy your profile file to a USB pen, email it or send it to a cloud service. If you have any files attached to transactions, you should also move a folder with the same name as your profile that is next to your profile.

To open a profile in another computer do I have to register my license key there?

No, your profile file is not connected to a license, therefore it can be opened by any Boonzi.
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Thought out in detail

A license for the whole family

There is no limit to the number of profiles per license and you can install Boonzi on up to three computers.

Confidential and secure

Your information is securely recorded in your own computer, with powerful optional password protection.

Compatible with Windows and Mac

Boonzi runs on Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server and XP and MacOS X v10.6, v10.7 and v10.8.

Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied in the first 15 days, we will return your full payment (minus a 4% service fee).

Multi-language and multi-currency

Boonzi is in English and Portuguese and works with all of the world’s main currencies, calculating exchange rates automatically.

Automatic updates included

All updates are included during one year. Boonzi will automatically check for these and download them to your computer.