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How to manage credit cards in Boonzi?

When using credit cards to buy something, those payments are registered as an expense on the credit cards account. Usually, banks update the credit card account statements whenever a transaction occurs, just like a normal account.

To manage a credit card using Boonzi you must create the corresponding credit card account. Navigate to Accounts under Configuration, on the main menu on the left, and click New account

From here on, you will manage your credit card account as if it were a normal checkings account: Import your credit card statements from your online banking periodically, categorizing each transaction, which helps you control your credit card monthly expenses.

The credit card installment

Periodically, your bank will debit your checkings account for a value corresponding to the total of: The amortization corresponds to a transfer from your checkings account to your credit account. It is not an expense - which have been previously registered in your credit account -, but a money transfer. This is why it must be inserted into Boonzi as a transfer from your checkings account to your credit account.

The interests are an expense charged by the bank according to the amount in debt, the tax rate, among others. Likewise, they should be inserted into Boonzi as an expense transaction.

If your bank account registers a credit card payment as a single transaction and doesn't give you the amortization or interests value, you should check your credit cards account statements for the previous amortized amount and subtract it to your debit amount to get how much interests you are paying.

Manage the credit card in Boonzi

  1. Navigate to Accounts under Configuration, on the main menu on the left, and click New account
  2. Import your credit cards account statements or registers you credit card spendings periodically. Your account balance should decrease after each transaction.
When your bank debits the installment value in your checkings account, you shoudn't register this in one transaction but in two:
  1. A transfer transaction corresponding to the amortization.
  2. An expense transaction corresponding to the interests, and optionally, categorized as "Bank expenses:Credit card interests"
We avidly recoment the reading of the article How can I manage my housing (or other) credit loan? that goes into detail on this subject.
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